Re: Another color image: Sacramento museum HO WP 1916 built 40' SS box car

Garth Groff and Sally Sanford


And wouldn't you know, I have four of the West Side cupola cars, two each of both versions, as well as a Balboa bay-window car. I wonder if the shorter wheelbase was done on purpose to allow them to go around model railroad curves. All of these older cars need some serious underframe and brake work, but the wheelbase problem is beyond my ability with a soldering iron.

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Garth Groff  

On Thu, Sep 24, 2020 at 4:42 PM Andy Carlson <midcentury@...> wrote:
I saw this wood-less WP stock car about 20 years, or more, ago. I doubt that the museum had two of these survivors so I suspect my pictured car is the finished car of the one you shared its picture with us. Truth is, I don't know for sure.

As for having a box car to restore, I could see taking one of the cabooses made from these box cars and restoring back to a box car. You would have to rule out any of the bay window variants in that they had the bolster wheel bases reduced which would make any return to box car much more work. The earlier cupola rebuilt cabooses maintained the original under frame.

As a side note-- the Japanese made brass WP cabooses all came with the shortened  wheelbase chassis which was incorrect for the cupola versions.

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Ojai CA

On Thursday, September 24, 2020, 2:59:05 AM PDT, Garth Groff and Sally Sanford <mallardlodge1000@...> wrote:

Andy and Friends,

Is the stripped car WP 75895, the car CSRM restored and displayed outside the museum, or is it another survivor? I know it would be neat to have an example of one of the original 1916 boxcars, but the stock car was equally significant.

Attached are photos of 75895 (I think!) as I found it in West Sacramento on the SN about 1977 while awaiting movement to the CSRM, and later as it was displayed. The double-sheathed boxcar is SN 2350, which also went to the CSRM.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

On Wed, Sep 23, 2020 at 11:19 PM Andy Carlson <midcentury@...> wrote:
Sacramento has a stripped of wood slats stock car. This stock car was built by the WP from rebuilt donor box cars of this subject.
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