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Eric Hansmann



The 1943 ORER lists 21 pickle tank cars for HJ Heinz, but few looked exactly the same.


One of these cars, HJHX 43, has a 60,000 pound capacity. It might be one of the truss rod coffin-type pickle cars. These have only been produced by Westerfield Models.


17 other cars have a 80,000 pound capacity (70, 72, 80-84, 100, 102, 104) and were similar to the Athearn pickle tank car model with the enclosed sides.


The remaining cars (106, 113, 114) were all 100,000 pound capacity. I have not seen photographs of these cars. There are photos of HJHX 115, 116, and 117 in David Leider’s wonderful book, “Pickle and Vinegar Makers of the Midwest.” These cars look longer than the others. I recommend this book for details on this industry and the freight cars that were used. FYI, Leider notes there were only Heinz three pickle tank cars listed in the July 1963 ORER.


IIRC, Tyco or AHM produced a vinegar tank car with Heinz lettering. I do not recall a pickle tank car.



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OK, we've all seen them, they've been produced by everyone from Tyco to Westerfield.  The question is, how late were they used?

Thanks, Bill Jolitz

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