Re: Photos: PRR Boxcar 501822 (1939)

Bruce Smith


With respect to the X23 fleet the X23B is a bit of an "oddball" with only around 750 or so being converted with what was essentially an X31 roof. 

I am not aware of any brass models of this car, and one of the issues with kitbashing it is that, as you may notice from the photo, these cars mostly had their side sheathing converted from vertical to horizontal, with the concurrent deletion of the intermediate braces. 

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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What a beautyful car! Would love to have a (brass) model of it. How many were built, and for how long were they used?
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Photos: PRR Boxcar 501822 (1939)

Photos from the Hagley Digital Archives:

Caption says this is an X23b.

Click on photos to enlarge them.

Bob Chaparro

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