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Jack and Ben,

Well, I can't say for sure, but it is possible that one of the Salzberg shortlines had a shop that did repair work for the other related lines. Other possibilities are a seasonal traffic surge on one line that required extra cars, or maybe some of the cars were transferred from one line to another and were waiting for relettering. This might require some serious work with an ORER, and probably isn't worth the effort.

One other interesting point. This photo is on the Fallen Flags web site, where it is attributed to Jim Sands at Marshaltown, Iowa in 1966. In my 1959 ORER this series of cars only ran from 10000 to 10074. This suggests that car 10094 might not have been on the FDDM&S roster during our period of interest, though others of this class certainly were.

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Well, Garth, what IS intriguing is that these two cars happen to be coupled together.  The odds are long . . .




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Really nothing intriguing here. The WAG and the FDDM&S were both H.E. Salzburg shortlines (IIRC, WAG in 1954 and FDDM&S in 1956). Both railroads used former B&M XM-1 boxcars, and the Salzburg management reassigned equipment among their various lines as needed.


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Here's a Jim Sands photo of a car that went to the FDDM&S with a Youngstown door:

The intriguing thing about this photo is that the car to the left is also an ex-B&M XM-1, one that went to the WAG in the mid-'50s. 

Jack Mullen

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