Re: F&C B&M XM1


RE: the WAG cars went “everywhere” :-)


They did so under B&M ownership as well.


I’ve recently been working on the B&M “Car books” which (among other things) records when/where B&M cars were wrecked on other railroads.

A summary (just by RR & car type) is attached (from 6/1923-03/1960)


Not too surprising are the first 3 – I believe that is (more or less) the same order that they are in for total traffic/carloads/whatever (plus they are either direct connects, in the case of NYC, or “not too far afield”)

I’m not sure where NYNH&H ranked in terms of traffic/loads, but as they were a direct interchange partner, I’m not too surprised they were #4


What I find interesting is the 7 cars wrecked on (4 different) Mexican RRs

And the 7 wrecked on [CN + CP]

Showing these cars were an *international* pool of cars…


One other statistical anomaly – for RRs with “other” types of wrecked cars, the “other” types were all the same per RR (e.g.. the NYC only wrecked B&M baggage cars, the StJ&LC only wrecked cabooses, etc.)


Car book data (original scans & transcriptions) are available on the B&MRRHS web site (in on-line archives)

In case you want to find out specifics of which cars went to the FtDDM&S or WAG…




Ken Akerboom

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