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Schuyler Larrabee

Elden wrote:




The obvious answer would be in iced reefers, but the presence of that Hersheys car in Pittsburgh begs the question, what was it doing THERE?


Well with the doors open on a team track, I’d say a load of something Hershey made was delivered.


I am always looking for more info on loads….


Aren’t we all . . .??


Schuyler (BTW, thanks for the responses on my question about this car)


Elden Gatwood




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By the way, my information indicates that these cars were not used to transport chocolate bars, but were used to transport milk in 10 gal cans to the Hershey plant from outlying farms.  Hershey was (and may still be) the largest consumer of fresh milk in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Hershey owned the farms and leased them to farmers who, in turn, sold all their milk to Hershey.  Hershey would inspect the farms regularly for sanitation.


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