Re: [Non-DoD Source] Re: [RealSTMFC] Photo: HERX (Hershey) Insulated Boxcar Or Reefer (1960)

Steven D Johnson

I have an HO Branchline Hershey reefer kit in the “chocolate” scheme, like this one:


Attached is a photo of a modern Hershey RBL (copied from feeBay), outside the scope of this group, but may be of interest to some.


Steve Johnson



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Years ago, Tyco or AHM or the likes had a Hershey wood reefer.  I saw one at a show several years ago and grabbed it for $2.00 for the novelty.  Turns out that the road number was accurate, HERX 1038.  Built by ACF for Hersheys.  The car has a 7/18 build date and 6/38 reweigh date on it.  I have no idea if they are accurate.  I added some weight and put Kadee trucks and couplers on it and put it into service on my layout.  Note that this car would have been seen more often on the Reading than on my Mid-state PRR layout since Hershey, PA was serviced by Reading (there was a passenger station on or immediately adjacent to the Hershey property).

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