Re: Accurail 4300: CB&Q 15000-15499 or C&S 13500 series

O Fenton Wells

Nice looking Rob, a very interesting and very ambitious project

On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 1:27 PM Robert kirkham <rdkirkham@...> wrote:
Nearing the end of the rough work on this kitbash.  

So far, the work has included:
- removing the side and parts of the end ladders, as well as the cast on grab irons.  - shaving off the bulge plates and (marginally) relocating the diagonal straps at the corner side panels.  
- bits of .005 styrene and CA as filler were used to model the various castings and sheet metal plates at the top and bottom of the corner posts.  
- Yarmouth etched ladder rungs - the ones with the long attachment arms - were inserted to form the grab iron ladders.  I bent .008” wire for the remaining straight grabs and used pre-formed Tichy drop grabs on the end sills.  I think they are made of thicker material, but decided not to bend my own.  

I noticed some alignment differences between ladder rung spacing and the lap seam that joins the top and bottom of the 7/8 end panels.   So close inspection with photos won’t be very flattering to this model.  Also, had challenges drilling through the cast on end ladder stiles.   This is one of those places where an etch overlay with etched holes would help guide and hold the drill bit in alignment.  Hint, hint.  Once I have the model primed I’ll figure out what filling and filing is needed to hide blemishes.

I’m waiting for the roof castings to arrive from Yarmouth.  When they are on, the model will be primed and archer rivets add to complete the metal plates etc.  They are also needed on the side sills where cross ties connect.  

So far, I’ve enjoyed this project and am looking forward to completing it.


Fenton Wells
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