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Schuyler Larrabee

I too would like to know the answer to Bill S,’s question.  There is an excellent modeler in this area, Jim Dufour, who’s modeled the Cheshire branch, thee connecting the B&M main line at South Ashburnham to Keene NH.  Included in his railroad is a model accurately depicting a very modest Feldspar mine.  Jim has waybill records showing that the Feldspar was shipped to a Old Dutch Cleanser plant along the New Haven, IIRC, in the vicinity of Manchester CT.  (I could be entirely wrong on the destination, but I am sure it was in CT.).  Doug’s citing of plants in


Doug Harding’s citing of

Old Dutch Cleanser Plants were located in Los Angeles, Omaha, and Toronto

May well be accurate, but of a later time.  The Old Dutch Cleanser container cites that it was developed in 1886.


Incidentally, I won’t have any other cleanser in the house.  I find the competitors, Comet, Ajax, etc., tend to scratch, whereas the little just hatched chick on the ODC label, with the slogan “Hasn’t scratched yet,” is accurate.  It will clean some egregiously dirty dishes without scratching them (ask me how I know).  I have used it when stripping brass models with an old, soft toothbrush to remove stubborn paint in crevices.  Works well, without any visible damage to the model surface.


Incidentally, while googling (because I could not remember feldspar) I came across the following interesting webpage:





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Mr. Harding, where did you get the information as to where the plants were located? Is there a book(now ‘site’) that lists company info? We have source/info books for railroads ie ‘The Official Guide’ . Is there an equivalent for industries? Thank you. Respectfully, Bill S.    PS I had to look up the earlier reference to ‘foobies’! 

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So now I'm confused.
There was Cudahy Packing Company of Omaha which also made & sold Old Dutch Cleanser.
There was also Cudahy Brothers which was also a packing company in Cudahy Wis. south of Milwaukee.
Did Cudahy Brothers (Wisconsin) also have their own meat reefers?
Can anyone make all this clear?

Tom E.

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