Re: Photo: Gas Storage Tank On Boston & Maine Flat Car (1920)


if you go to the B&MRHS site under on line Archives, they’ve recently added copies of car acquisition books for that time period; they show these series of flat cars as acquired by the B&M in 1901 from the Fitchburg RR which they absorbed and the FRR built these in the late 1890s.

Roger Hinman

On Sep 29, 2020, at 11:05 PM, Thomas Evans via <tomkevans@...> wrote:

It looks like these 60' B&M flatcars date back to at least 1901 (but probably not 1897) according to the on-line ORER/OREG's,
however they are mixed in with a number of shorter "special flat cars,' so we don't know how many there were nor their specific numbers at that time.

Tom E.

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