Re: Old Photos from Southern Railway in Knoxville yard

Douglas Harding

George the reefers in the photos are Cudahy “Old Dutch Cleanser” reefers, which were meat reefers. They would be under direct control of the Cudahy company and not available for other kinds of loads. So no to fruit or produce loads. Cudahy reefers were seen around the country, so no surprise they are in Knoxville. You mentioned wholesale grocers, that would be the perfect destination for meat reefers.


As to your thought about the hatches appearing narrow, I think you are seeing a distortion caused by the extreme angle of the photographer. If you enlarge the South Omaha photo I posted, you can see the hatch covers on some Cudahy Old Dutch reefers.


Doug Harding


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About half a mile down the tracks from these photos, heading west, were several Wholesale Grocers.  I think a Fruit company is still there today.  I don't know if that ties in with the Old Duck reefers or not.  But I was interest to see how narrow the ice or brine hatches appear to be.

George Courtney

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