Re: GATX fleet breakdown?

Bruce Smith


Um, how does the advent of a single car type in the vastness of the General American fleet make it possible to build “a credible fleet of many types of GA tank cars”? I mean, it’s great that we now have the GATC Type 17, but even in the late1930s, it's a minority car. I guess if you got lucky enough to get some GATC Type 30 cars from Sunshine for the brief time they were available, that would help a lot, but for the rest of us, we got nothing…

Bruce Smith
Auburn AL

On Oct 1, 2020, at 1:50 PM, nyc3001 . <nyc3001@...> wrote:

Now that Tangent has released the plain black GATX version of the Type 17, the possibility of building a credible fleet of many types of GA tank cars is becoming possible. Does anyone have a fleet breakdown of the various types of GA tanks in the early 1950s?


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