Re: GATX fleet breakdown?

Tony Thompson

David Lehlbach wrote:

I too have done my own research on this, and built my own business case for spending lots of money tooling the 1917-tanks.  Spoiler alert for Bruce Smith (and Tony Thompson who seemed to resoundingly agree):  they are not “minority cars.”  If you will indulge a “dumb manufacturer” (but one who does his homework) to weigh in, please read on. 

       Actually, David, I was agreeing with Bruce's opinion that the Type 17 doesn't allow one to, as it were, "create a complete GATC fleet." As a 1953 modeler, I have four of your Type 17s myself and am happy to have them. If someone called you a "dumb manufacturer," I didn't notice it, and would have vigorously disputed it.
       Bruce seems to think that the Type 17's obsolete design by WW II (which it was) would have led to them disappearing, but tank cars typically had very long lives. There is ample photo documentation in the 1950s of lots of radial-course tank cars still in service -- which is why I have yours, along with some SP ones that I made with Archer rivets.
        And if a Type 30 is in our future, I am as ecstatic as anyone!

Tony Thompson

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