Re: Tank Car Reweigh and Other Markings

Steve Summers

I’ll jump into this and hopefully not add to any confusion but there is another reason for not listing the car weight on tank cars back then.  Only the largest manufacturers or customers had a scale to weigh a tank car. 

Even today due to the high cost to purchase a scale with the weight capacity needed for heavy rail cars, there are only a few customers with scales.  In fact, several manufacturers still do not have scales today, hence the use of volume (gallons) which can be measured by a meter like at a gas pump.

On Oct 4, 2020, at 10:14 PM, Ray Carson via <PrewarUPModeler@...> wrote:

I was mainly confused due to seeing prototype photos with a "reweigh" date taken before photos (don't have any example photos, sorry) and I kept assuming tankers were treated the same as other freight cars. However I guess I was overthinking a bit on Tony's post due to me being used to the concept of freight cars reweighs as I continue to learn more about freight car assignments.


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