Re: Storzek & Des Plaines 1916 NYC Auto Box Cars

Benjamin Hom

Don Valentine asked:
"Being a Rutland modeler I have a number of these box car and auto car kits and have some questions about two that turn out to be NYC cars, NOT Rutland versions. For those who do not know the difference it is clear to me that when designing these kits Dennis was aware of the fact that the 1916 NYC ordered cars had 6 over 6 rib ends but that the 1924 Rutland ordered cars used a 5 over 7 rib end while being alike in  all other respects. Two auto boxes purchased in the after market as Rutland cars have proven to be NYC cars, which it the reason for the following questions:
1. The instructions Dennis prepared for these car kits state the NYC began to rebuild the auto cars with only 6 ft. doors beginning in 1931. Does this mean the NYC only had auto box cars originally?"

Correct.  Cars were originally in Lots 327-B, 328-B, 329-B, 352-B, 353-B, 357-B, 358-B, 361-B, 363-B, 364-B, 365-B, and 366-B.  See Terry Link's website for more details on individual lots.

"2. He further states that one hundred cars were sold to the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic in 1935 and that 'within the next two years most of the rest had been rebuilt as all steel boxcars'. Does this mean that no cars of this type as either auto box cars or 6 ft. door box cars remained on the entire NYC system?"

Rebuilt steel boxcar lots include 633-B, 634-B, 637-B, 643-B, 644-B, 648-B, 649-B, 652-B, 654-B, 657-B, 662-B, 663-B, 664-B, 672-B, and 679-B; however, some DS cars survived to at least 1950, though you'll have to check the ORERs for specifics regarding numbers of cars left.  The steel rebuilds were offered by Sunshine, and were surprisingly common cars, with many turning up in the Premo shifting lists.

"What happened to the cars assigned to the Michigan Central? If an auto box car of this type were still in use on the Michigan Central in the 1948 era I’d use the decals that came with the kit and have one Michigan Central car."

The Michigan Central cars were notionally renumbered in NYC car series in 1936, but cars with MCRR reporting marks ran until 1945.  Again, check the applicable ORERs for details.

Finally, these cars are currently available from Westerfield, including the Rutland and DSS&A variations.
Ben Hom

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