Re: Photo: Big Four Boxcar (1906)

Eric Hansmann

There are actually three NYC&HR boxcars in the image with three different lettering styles. The car with the NYCL oval might have been the one most recently shopped with the newest lettering presentation.


I’m surprised no one has mentioned the left-opening doors on three of the six boxcars in the photo. It was a common feature in this era.



Eric Hansmann

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To the right of the Big Four boxcar are two very different New York Central and Hudson River boxcars - very different sizes, lettering schemes, trucks.


Ken Montero

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Photo: Big Four Boxcar (1906)

A photo from the Historic Pittsburgh website:

Scroll on the photo to enlarge it.

PRR Boxcar 13801 and other boxcars also seen.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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