Re: HO kit wanted

Kenneth Montero


When seeking this kit from other sources, be aware that Funaro & Carmerlengo also list as item 6660 the Canadian Pacific 1930 Mini-box car 1/AB brakes, so be sure to describe the model that you are seeking.

The model that you are seeking is a one-piece body kit. The same car is listed as a flat kit (2 cars in the kit) as item 6601.

I don't know what Funaro & Carmerlengo have in stock or can produce in the near future. Contact F&C to see what they have.

Ken Montero

On 10/07/2020 4:11 PM Hugh Guillaume via <mguill1224@...> wrote:

Looking for Funaro & Camarlengo 6660 NYC steel gondola.  Hugh T Guillaume mguill1224 at aol dot com

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