Tony Thompson

Mansell Peter Hambly wrote:

I just acquired White's THE GREAT YELLOW FLEET and I faintly recall that this books has some questionable assumptions in it. I would like to know just what caution I should implement when I read this book.

      The good news is that Jack White did a great job with the book HE wrote. The bad news is that he had Donald Duke for his publisher. Duke (understandably) didn't like the manuscript tailing off around 1930, so added the later chapters. They are filled with semi-facts and outright errors. Duke also "embellished" the entire book with additional photos, again understandable to make it more attractive, and there are some fine images, but many of his captions are laughable.
       So be careful with any "facts" after 1930 in the book, and do not trust any photo captions. If you want more perspective, both Richard Hendrickson and I wrote separate reviews of the book, and both were published in magazines.

Tony Thompson

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