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Bruce Smith


Neat car, and I like the back story of why an ATSF car would be on the SP!

One of my favorite ice service cars is shown in PRR Color Guide (1). While it is incorrectly noted as an "RB23" and worse still as a  "modified X23 box car", it is in fact an SFRD RR-23, most likely wrecked on the PRR and written off by SFRD, which has been repaired, painted grey, and lettered for PRR ice service. The car, PRR #498350, is stenciled "ASSIGNED TO JERSEY CITY ICE CAR"

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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  I've recently completed a Westerfield kit, no. 10864, for a Santa Fe ice car conversion. A photo of the model is below. I have also written a summary of ice car operations, as they apply on my layout, as well as an explanation of the presence of a Santa Fe car like this on an SP layout. If you're interested, the link is below.

Tony Thompson

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