Re: Deciphering a Conductor's record

Douglas Harding

Do you know the era of the record?

A good source of reporting mark information, including private marks, is

Here is what I am seeing/interpreting. Some of this is guess work.


CGW – Chicago Great Western with company materials

LPT = Live Poultry Transit, poultry car, appears to be empty (the number fits)

MRLX = Morris & Co (a meat packer purchased by Armour in the 20s) PHP is packing house products

MRTX is Marx Hide & Tallow Co.

MRX, MRRX, MRUX are Morrell = meat reefer

MRRX is also Mather Refrigerator Express

A 18528 contains company stores?

CMStP = Milwaukee with shingles

CBQ 113493 contains company goods


A 35502 sent to work outfit, EOF could be initials of man in charge

TIDX = Tide Water Oil Co, later Getty Oil.

GF = Georgia & Florida, later Central of Georgia, then Southern, then Norfolk Southern

GT = Grand Trunk? Flat


MLT = Morgan’s Louisiana & Texas

P&P = Peoria and Pekin Union


GC = Graham County

KOTX is Kanotex Refining. Did the conductor reverse some letters?



Doug Harding


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I have been transcribing a conductor’s record. There are a few things I have not figured out, especially his RR IDs. Please look and see if you can offer any suggestions.



J. Stephen Sandifer


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