Re: Video: Erie Railroad Carfloat Operations in Chicago, 1920

Garth Groff and Sally Sanford


Yes, that indeed is a car from WP series 15001-16000, built by Pullman in 1916. Most of these were rebuilt before WWII, emerging as stock cars, MW cars and cabooses. The survivors were renumbered 26001-26125, and mostly used in bulk plaster service out of Gerlach, Nevada. A few survived in original condition into the 1960s.

And yes, the round herald was standard on most WP cars at the time of the film. Attached is an example from the 16001-series boxcars (sorry it's a bit fuzzy). The more familiar rectangular herald appeared around 1930, first as an enameled metal plate on locomotives and then spread to freight cars, both painted occasionally as a metal plate.

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It seems there’s a Western Pacific boxcar on this float that is the prototype of the resin parts Andy Carlson was recently selling. It’s at the 2:20 mark.


Is that a circular Feather River Route emblem on the right side of the car?



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Stumbled onto this video when taking a break for a moment this morning and agree, it is well worth watching having an actual date and place. I was surprised to find an Erie carfloat operation n Chicago

but there it is on a river with the continuous opening of several different types of drawbridge and diminutive tow boats that make those used on the Champlain Canal look large.


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