Re: Photo: T&P Livestock Car 22098 (Circa 1946)

Tony Thompson

Bob Chaparro wrote:

Photo: T&P Livestock Car 22098 (Circa 1946)
Photo from the SMU Libraries:
Scroll on the photo to enlarge it.
Built 1929. Nice, clear details.

     Excellent photo. I have browsed a little in the Robert Yarnall Richie collection at SMU, and they are superb images. He was a commercial photographer, and must have had a lot of railroad clients (or was a rail fan), because there are a LOT of railroad subjects in the collection.
     I am glad to see some of them digitized. Many negatives were on nitrate film, which by these days is practically deteriorating before your eyes. Digitizing them before they are lost is a great objective, full credit to the DeGolyer people at SMU.

Tony Thompson

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