Re: Photo: T&P Livestock Car 22098 (Circa 1946)

Douglas Harding

The angled bracket to the left of the door is used to hold the “bull bar” when it is not in use. This was a wood board used across the door opening to prevent large animals from escaping while the door was being open or closed. It fit into slots within the door framing. When not in use the board was placed in the outside bracket for storage, often with a chain to keep it attached to the car. Not all roads used them.


Attached is a photo of a metal one in position in the door opening. And a second photo showing a traditional wood one in the stored position on CBQ 55966.


Doug Harding


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A couple questions

  • What is the angled steel(?) “bracket”, about half way between reporting marks and door (even with lint under the marks)?
    Something to attach movable railing to, to contain cattle?
  • The “door stop” (plate seen mostly by its shadow) seems a bit thin to me???



Ken Akerboom

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