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Thank you all for the assistance. I have been transcribing the conductor record of E. W. Mills, an ATSF conductor in 1923. The records show 6 mixed trains between Great Bend and Scott City, KS, and 13 through trains between Dodge City and Sand Creek (Newton), KS., ATSF Middle Division. 1088 cars total. Mr. Mills was not consistent in all of his records. For instance A and AT stood for ATSF.  GC was Gulf Colorado and Santa Fe. RD and R were SFRD.  He uses both SOO and MStP&SSM for that line. The P&P makes perfect sense for those cars. The Georgia & Florida is listed in the index to the 1925 ORER but I can not find a page for it in the Westerfield digital edition. Once I get everything straight, I will write an analysis of this document and make the excel file available to any who want to play with it. He also lists cars as A when the ORER makes them BX. I have no located every car in the ORER except the GF.



J. Stephen Sandifer


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Makes more sense than anything else we have seen, so far.  29 cars from the range 527-1024 remained in January 1925 ORER.  36 feet inside length.


Steve Hile


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Could P&P be the ATSF subsidiary Santa Fe Prescott & Phoenix? They had boxcars numbered 501-1024 in 1917.

Paul Krueger
Seattle, WA

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