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Great find. These cars carry the slogan "Overnight Freight Service", but to where? They don't have proper dimensional data or visible reweigh date, and so they couldn't go off P&SR rails. At one time the P&SR had a steamboat connection between Petaluma and San Francisco, and that was likely their destination. This all changed in 1932 when the line was acquired by the connecting Northwestern Pacific. These cars could have been handled to Tiburon and the NWP's terminal there. I very much doubt that any P&SR cars were moved by car ferry over to San Francisco. After the Golden Gate Bridge opened in 1937, most local freight to San Francisco would have gone by truck.

Around 1965 on a family trip we stopped to photograph sister car 126 which was sitting detrucked by the road between Sonoma and Clear Lake. This is my late father's photo (Glenn Groff). My black-and-white shot is not worth reproducing (give me a break, I was only 12 years old).

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Photo: Petaluma & Santa Rosa Boxcar 200 (Circa 1940)

A photo from the Sonoma County Library:

Scroll on the photo to enlarge it.

Bob Chaparro

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