Sunshine Models Kit #21.25

Chuck Cover

Hi Everyone,

I have a Sunshine Models Kit #21.25 that is labeled C&O 7000 series 1932 ARA boxcar with radial roof.  The  Prototype Date Sheet #21A for the standard ARA 1932 boxcar states that the C&O had 650 of these cars all with a radial roof.  However, the Sunshine Models all time list indicates that Kit #21.25 is an ARA 1932 C&O 7000 series with Hutchins roof.  The kit components come with peaked 4/4 dreadnaught ends and what appears to be a two piece radial roof, photo attached.  Does anyone else have this kit?  Did Sunshine make some kits with a radial roof and change the label while retaining the number of the Hutchins roof kit in the all time list?   There were only 3 standard C&O ARA 1932 cars but 650 with radial roof so I am hoping that this kit is correctly labeled and I have the prototypical radial roof model.  Thanks

Chuck Cover
Santa Fe, NM

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