Mid 1970s Maybrook NY NYNH&H


I have about 6 months of interchange and local industrial switching between Maybrook-Poughkeepsie and Hopewell Jct.  It identifies customer, car type, commodity, reporting marks, car number, originating RR, interchange location. The daily yard masters sheets deal with yard counts and interchange info from all of the rr's interchanging at Maybrook. This has all been scanned. It is about 20 gigs of data. It contains a doc file of as many abbreviations that I was able to decifer. I cheated, the Yardmaster at the time was available to answer questions. 

If somebody is interested in this territory I would make this available by CD to 2 or 3 people. I don't want to send out more than 3 CDs. I don't care if you share the data among yourselves. 

Mark Landgraf 
Albany NY


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