Re: Sunshine Models Kit #21.25

Jim Gates

Full text for 21.25 on the flyer:

"C&O 7000 series 1932 boxcar w/Hutchins radial roof"

It is a Hutchins design radial roof. Both descriptions you list are correct but incomplete.

The three ARA standard cars were covered by kit 21.3. Kit 21.26 is the same car you have with express decals.

Jim Gates

On Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 03:09:48 PM CDT, Chuck Cover <chuck.cover@...> wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I have a Sunshine Models Kit #21.25 that is labeled C&O 7000 series 1932 ARA boxcar with radial roof.  The  Prototype Date Sheet #21A for the standard ARA 1932 boxcar states that the C&O had 650 of these cars all with a radial roof.  However, the Sunshine Models all time list indicates that Kit #21.25 is an ARA 1932 C&O 7000 series with Hutchins roof.  The kit components come with peaked 4/4 dreadnaught ends and what appears to be a two piece radial roof, photo attached.  Does anyone else have this kit?  Did Sunshine make some kits with a radial roof and change the label while retaining the number of the Hutchins roof kit in the all time list?   There were only 3 standard C&O ARA 1932 cars but 650 with radial roof so I am hoping that this kit is correctly labeled and I have the prototypical radial roof model.  Thanks

Chuck Cover
Santa Fe, NM

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