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Garth Groff and Sally Sanford


I tried to find if there was ever a vinegar works in the Charlottesville area via the web, and came up empty. There are, and have been, a number of cider works in the area which might have also produced vinegar, but none that I know of are or were large enough to justify rail service. Your surmise that the car was set out for some sort of repair is reasonable.

By the way, Standard Brands was merged into Nabisco in 1981.

The Southern "yard" is nearly all gone. The UVA Medical Center has pretty much eaten everything that shows in your picture. IIRC, there was a team track there with a loading platform, but even that might be gone now. When I first moved to Charlottesville in 1983 there was a nifty model-sized industry with a spur just behind where you were standing. It ground and bagged clay for tennis courts. I stayed for a couple of months with friends in a house just across the street from this plant, and when it started up at around 6 a.m. every morning, there was no more sleeping. The plant was torn down around 1985 or so. Unfortunately, I was too busy trying to find a real job after I got out of the service, and didn't take any photos. Then one day I noticed it was gone. (Sigh!)

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On Wed, Oct 14, 2020 at 9:36 AM Bill McClure <virginianbill@...> wrote:
Some time back I recall a discussion of these cars, or maybe I just think I recall. In any event, I thought I would share this photo of what I assume was a Standard Brands car sitting in what passed for a Southern Ry yard in Charlottesville in 1973. The yard had no industries or or facilities to spot cars for unloading. Maybe bad order. 

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