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Are we talking about the same GSC Union Pacific flat car thar Exactarail produced an excellent model of?  What is the designation (F-??-?) of the car in question?

Bill Pardie.

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Date: 10/14/20 5:00 PM (GMT-10:00)
Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Tichy GSC Flatcar

I replaced the Tichy trucks with sprung Bowser trucks, and it raised the coupler height. I don't know what would have happened if I used the Tichy trucks that came with the kit.

I ended up using Kadee couplers with an overset shank to lower the coupler head to the appropriate height above the tracks.

Ken Montero
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I picked up one of these kits back in the days when you could go to a train show.    After a bit of study, I decided to use it to model a worn UP flat (   I put grooves in the deck (which is pretty poor as it comes) painted decaled and assembled.    Turns out the car is riding very high--the whole body is about 9" high.  Has anybody had this problem?    The kit is very simple--it doesn't seem possible to screw it up (there aren't even any brake parts included, just the one-piece body, a weight and an underframe).

Steve Kay

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