Wabash 7000-7299


Can anyone shed more light on the boxcar series WAB 7000-7299?  I have two Branchline decorated cars that I stopped working on, partway through.  My recollection is that I discovered something major that was different between the model and the prototype that I chose not to try to change, but I don't remember what it was.

I've confirmed in ORERs from the late 50s that this car series existed, and they were 40' XM with a 6' door, and that substantially all of the cars were in service (quantity in the high 290s).  The model has R/3-4 interim Dreadnaught rolling pin ends.  

What I have not found is any pictures on line.  I have a Wabash (WAB-NKP if I recall) color guide but it's not here.  Any comments?

Ron Merrick

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