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Ed Hawkins

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Can anyone shed more light on the boxcar series WAB 7000-7299?  I have two Branchline decorated cars that I stopped working on, partway through.  My recollection is that I discovered something major that was different between the model and the prototype that I chose not to try to change, but I don't remember what it was.

I've confirmed in ORERs from the late 50s that this car series existed, and they were 40' XM with a 6' door, and that substantially all of the cars were in service (quantity in the high 290s).  The model has R/3-4 interim Dreadnaught rolling pin ends.  

What I have not found is any pictures on line.  I have a Wabash (WAB-NKP if I recall) color guide but it's not here.  Any comments?

Perhaps the notes column of my Postwar AAR R+3-4 IDN (1948-1954) roster would help to define the differences of the prototype cars vs. the Branchline model. For these Wabash box cars the side sill door reinforcements extended from bolster to bolster, whereas the BT model has the more-common AAR design in which the side sill door reinforcements are shorter and having intermediate crosstie side sill connections. Other visible differences were door gussets (5-sided doubler plates riveted adjacent to the left & right door posts) and vertically-mounted roping staples.

My notes indicate two left-side photos that I’ve seen: W.C. Whittaker photo of 7095 (2-55 reweigh), Paul Dunn photo of 7080 (12-58 reweigh) that was once available from Bob Lorenz. Both cars were built 6-52. 

Hope this helps,
Ed Hawkins

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