Re: Two Compartment HO Scale Tank Cars: Who Made Them?

Benjamin Hom

Garth Groff wrote:
"Mark Feddersen wrote an article in the July 1988 MAINLINE MODELER with the title "Tank Car Pleasure: Twin Dome Kit Modification". Feddersen describes converting a Tichy tank into a GATX prototype. Most of us probably have a couple of these Tichy cars we are too embarrassed to haul out when anybody on this list is looking, so here is a great chance for both an accurate twin-dome tank car, and a use for these dodgy kits."

The Feddersen Mainline Modeler articles are definitely worth another read for the modeling approach and techniques - they're a precursor to Bobby Pitts' tank car work, appearing almost two decades earlier.

While the "prototype" for the Gould/Tichy tank car kits might be dodgy (and I realize that they're close to several prototypes covered previously on this list - but nothing out of the box), the components are certainly useful, and Tichy helpfully provides them in his parts line.

Ben Hom  

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