Re: Photo: Chemical Processing Vessel On Flat Cars (Circa 1935)

Kenneth Montero

Athearn offered it in plastic for years. Its latest iteration (out of stock) is labeled as a "heavy duty" flat car in the Roundhouse line - also as a 200 ton flat car.

I have a metal car that looks the same as the Athearn plastic car, so I suspect that Athearn also may have made the same car earlier in metal.

Ken Montero

PS Did anyone notice the end markings on the Milwaukee car - same on the truck nearest the end? How often did this happen, especially on the trucks, and even more especially as to the size of the solid bearings on the truck?

Ken Montero

On 10/16/2020 5:49 PM gary laakso <vasa0vasa@...> wrote:

Great pictures, thanks for sharing.  Which plastic model making company offered the CMStP&P flatcar in HO scale.  It likely was in the 1960s.

Gary Laakso

Northwest of Mike Brock

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It is interesting to see these cars both used with this giant load.  I have the builder's photos for Erie 7210, and three photos of CMStP&P 67053.

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