Wanted IM 10'6" AAR boxcar Have for trade a RCW Mini-Kit 3.01 Illinois Central Single-Sheathed Boxcar Series 176000 - 176999


I have a new unbuilt Resin Car Works Mini-Kit 3.01 IC Single Sheathed Boxcar Series 176000-176999. This kit is sold out at RCW and includes an undecorated Accurail Body and underframe, Resin detail Parts, Precision Design decals, Tahoe Model 40-ton ARA trucks and Tichy k style Brake Hardware.
I am looking to work out a tradeĀ for a couple of Intermountatin HO Scale preferably undecorated 40899 40ft 1937 10'6" Modified AAR Boxcars. These should have the 5/5 ends
Will consider decorated kits but prefer undecorated
If you are interested or can help me locate a couple of IM 10'6" part # 40899 please contact me off list at gtws00 at yahoo.com
George Toman

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