Re: Uncoupling Lever Brackets

Kenneth Montero

Barker's Trains, an Ebay seller, makes other parts - and also is a retailer for a variety of other manufacturers' parts, some of whom are no longer in business.

Barker also makes a variety of uncoupling lift bars, but I only could find them when I went to the eye bolt link that Chuck provided (some of the other parts shown above the eyebolt part listing) or go to the "advanced" link on and insert "Barker's Trains".

To get to its main listing for other manufacturers, go to .

Ken Montero

On 10/17/2020 8:08 AM Chuck Cover <chuck.cover@...> wrote:

Thanks Lester, great post.

I have found another source for eye bolts.  Since the DA eye bolts have gotten hard to find, I have been using the ones from Barker’s Trains.  These can be found on EBay.

Barker's Trains HO Eye Bolts (16) BT-101

Chuck Cover

Santa Fe, NM

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