Re: Two Compartment HO Scale Tank Cars: Who Made Them?


The Globe 2-dome tank car is not easy to find.  Be careful buying one because the pot metal frame frequently falls apart.  The Globe line of freight cars was state of the art at the time, as were Irv Athearn's metal freight cars.  The Mantua metal cars were good but not as good as the Globe and Athearn.  I remember buying the kits at hobby shops in Buffalo.  Many of those old kits used 410M paint.  I have one Globe 2-dome car on my model railroad along with one Athearn metal NYC Pacemaker boxcar and one metal B&LERR 50' flat car.  I do not know who produced the Bessemer flat car but it is not Varney.  I remember building an EJ&E green Varney metal flat car when I was about fifteen years old.  

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