Re: Ann Arbor 73750 to 73998 door hardware?

Jack Mullen

On Sun, Oct 18, 2020 at 03:26 PM, Robert kirkham wrote:
My impression is that the door post has two castings mounted to it - the upper and lower - and so the door latch fits into them.  
There are two distinct mechanisms, each having a casting riveted to the door post. The upper is the door starter and closer, which uses a lever (the vertical handle) to force the door tightly closed, or start it opening.
The lower is the latch. A slotted hasp retained by the long strap on the door fits over a loop or eye projecting outward from the casting on the door post. Then a vertical pin or wedge secured to the casting is dropped thru the eye, securing the hasp.
This division into two separate components is pretty common in the period. Various manufacturers' products may differ quite a bit in detail and appearance, but mostly similar in principle.
The Focus on Freight Cars books on boxcars will have some helpful photos, but not necessarily of the specific device you're looking for.
Jack Mullen

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