[PRR] Announcing Virtual PRR Day!

Bruce Smith


The PRR T&HS is planning a virtual PRR Day on November 7, 2020, through zoom, rather than traveling for an in-person meeting. 
     Thanks to Auburn University, we will be able to host presentations on the history of the PRR and modeling the PRR by experienced speakers. 
     There is no registration fee, but you will need to register in advance, since participation will be limited to 300. Registration is open now; go to 


     In order to have a virtual meeting of a very large group, we ask everyone to abide by the following ground rules: 
  1. No oral interruptions during the 40-minute presentations. 
  2. A 10-minite question-answer time is reserved after each presentation.  
  3. Type your questions to the chat window, which is enabled by a button at the bottom of the screen. For each presentation, a host will monitor the chat window and present questions to the speaker in the order received. 
  4. Please remain in ‘mute’ mode throughout. The microphones on devices are adept at picking up background noise which will hinder the presentation’s audibility. The mute button is typically in the lower left of the screen. 
  5. Please do not share the zoom information with anyone after registering. 

         The schedule of presentations is below.  All times are for the Eastern Time Zone (USA). 
9:00-9:40 AM 
From PRR to SEPTA:  How to Operate a Commuter Service and Get Someone Else to Pay for It 
Albert Churella 
Transporting Transformers-Westinghouse Sharon Plant 
Rob Bennett 
The Pennsylvania Station, New York:  Past, Present and Future 
George Chiasson 




2:00-2:40 PM 
Modeling the PRR prewar Hopper Fleet 
John Frantz 
3:00-3:40 PM 
The PRR in 1946 and 1947 - Photographs of Wayne Brumbaugh 
Doug Nelson 
4:00-4:40 PM 
Altoona Station,  Logan House, and FG Tower 
Claus Schlund 




7:00-7:40 PM 
Plan Big, Build Small(er): Prototypical Layout Planning for Flexibility 
Angela Sutton 
8:00-8:40 PM 
Modeling the Pennsy in the Monongahela Valley: 2020 Update 
Dave Wilson 


    For those presentations where the presenter is willing to be recorded, we are exploring ways to make the recordings viewable after November 7. 
    If you are new to zoom, we will schedule a chance for you to test your access a few days before November 7.  

This meeting has been organized by a group of PRRT&HS folks: Ralph Weischedel (chair), Joe Acri, John Frantz, Tim Garner, and me.

I look forward to seeing many of you there!
Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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