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The coke was quenched with water at the large plants, but it did not always behave.  Sometimes the pore space between hunks/chunks was too small to allow much water to penetrate, and it kept cooking.  There were also times the water cooked off too  quick, and chunks inside kept too hot.


There are some great photos of toasted box cars with hot coke still inside, while the wood is all burnt off.


I saw several cooked cars around the big by-products plants around Pittsburgh, growing up.  They were easy to ID.


The Morning Sun Color Guide on the Rock Island (IIRC), has a great one.


Elden Gatwood


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Subject: [Non-DoD Source] Re: [RealSTMFC] PRR and other coke cars


Wasn’t the coke quenched in water before loading into cars?


Doug Harding


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] PRR and other coke cars




Have any of you turned up any more on these cars?




Was there a method behind the madness of using wooden box cars, and not hoppers, for shipping potentially hot coke?


I have not found the correspondence on this, but would sure like to understand.


Elden Gatwood


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