Re: Photo: FGEX 35754 With Potato Load (1943)

Bill Welch

FGEX 35754 is an example of the FGE 1921 style underframe retrofitted w/4-inch steel channel lower sill, also built for WFEX after July 1923. Second car is a WFE Truss Rod reefer. Most FGE/WFE and I THINK most BRE potato traffic originated from Hastings, FLA. (FGE territory) and from WFE territory. In the winter, heaters were used for cars heading east in the winter. The change  from Ice to heaters was labor intensive often requiring some method to melt the ice (propane torches being one method). Pears, onions, potatoes, and apples were among the veggies that did well in cold storage and thus were good candidates for storage and then to be shipped as market prices went up.

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