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Thanks for confirming that.  I think I have seen a NKP box in that service.


As improbable as it sounds, I think they nailed them in place, climbed the ladder to get out, then filled the car, then once at destination, started knocking out boards starting at the top, and moving down.  Finally, shoveling the car out to clear the rest.


The attached shows a filling pic that, as crude as it appears, was used for large pieces of flaked coke, so didn’t require the boards be flush with one another.  But the coke is clearly in contact with the boards.


The boards at least keep the coke away from the doors, so they can be opened easily to get to the boards to punch them out.




Elden Gatwood


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The Nickel Plate did this with several old Fowlers and later War Emergency SS box cars. For the doors they simply nailed up boards similar to grain boards. 
Matt Smith
Bloomington, IL

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