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william darnaby

Here is a screen shot I snagged off a Herron Rail video of an empty Monon coke car headed back to Indy on an NYC freight out of Bellefontaine, OH in 1955.

Bill Darnaby

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The MONON hauled coke from the Indianapolis Gas and Coke utility to destinations all over the midwest.  In our era composite stone gons had boxcar bodies  dropped onto them.  Roofs were removed for top loading.  Door openings were boarded up for loading, boards removed as load was removed.


The composite boxcar bodies had boards removed and were often thought to be stock cars. 


As mentioned before, inadequate quenching of the coke combined with air entering the cars as they were hauled in freight trains resulted in fires.  On the Monon this usually occurred between Indianapolis and Monon on train 90 which ran in the evenings.  


Train crews were good at setting out coke cars that had burst into flames.  Local fire departments extinguished the flames, but typically most of the wood was lost.


Mont Switzer 




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