Re: CB&Q boxcar colour - Delano images?

Robert kirkham

Fair enough.  But I like to start with a photo and go from there.  One of my challenges is that 1950’s paint isn’t a great reference for my 1946 model era.  And my other challenge is that I wasn’t born yet, and have no memories from that time - so need to start somewhere. 

I found one image so far this morning:   There, in the middle distance, behind the concrete block building, is a CB&Q single sheathed car.  I find the comparison with what is shown on other cars in this yard view helpful modelling information.  


On Oct 22, 2020, at 11:40 AM, Bill McClure <virginianbill@...> wrote:


I know nothing about those cars, but do know a little about photography. So I pass along that the color palette of WWII era Kodachrome, which was the slide film stock used back then, had a very warm tone, towards the red end of the spectrum. The images are beautiful, but if looking for color "accuracy", just be aware.

Then there is the "color" that your monitor "sees". Whole 'nother issue.


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