Re: CB&Q boxcar colour - Delano images?

Nelson Moyer

Understood, but I later said I used semi-gloss and satin, not gloss.


Nelson Moyer


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Nelson Moyer wrote:

Then there is the topcoat issue. Prototype freight cars aren’t dead flat when newly painted, despite the fact that model railroad tradition demands a flat finish, typically Dullcote. Lately, it’s not uncommon to see various degrees of paint shine from fairly glossy to satin and flat, again depending upon the car age since last painting. 

   It's quite true that freshly painted prototype freight cars were glossy. But within a month on the road, that shine had become dull, as numerous photos of very recently built but not new cars will document. Accordingly, I would hesitate to suggest any gloss on a model freight car -- unless you model a paint shop.

      There is also the factor that reflections "don't scale." By that I mean that the light reflections look far too big on models. It's most noticeable on model automobiles, which really do not look right with shiny paint, even though the prototypes, when washed, do look that way. My own view is that shiny paint is very rarely looks "right" on an HO scale model. Of anything.


Tony Thompson




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