Re: Library of Congress photo (was CB&Q boxcar colour - Delano images?)

Robert kirkham

Two more CB&Q cars are evident in the back of this photo - both are near the centre (side to side), and (counting front to back, only tracks with cars on them) on tracks 7 and 9 (I think).  Both steel cars.  Both have "Way of the West” slogans facing the camera, and the white Burlington Route with the main car colour (no black) background.  I have the impression the further car has a galvanized roof and paint on the seem caps only.  Less obvious about the nearer car - could that be a black roof?


On Oct 22, 2020, at 3:09 PM, akerboomk <ken-akerboom@...> wrote:

I like the roof (and roofwalk) colors

And note the ratio of wood roofwalks (most) to steel (very few)


Ken Akerboom

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