Cotton Belt dbl door boxcar

Andy Carlson

Hi folks-

Years ago, after discovering one of these Cotton Belt USRA Clone DS double door rebuilds in the Henderson box car book, I made a scale drawing. The cars seem to have been in the 46000 series of  the SSW. I have an HO model I built of this car about 23 years ago which I would like to update. I never knew what power brake brand was used. I used a Ajax back then.

The rebuilds besides reusing the original ends (with mods) also reused the fishbelly USRA style of underframe. With a modified rectangular panel roof and noticeable side sill mods, I think this is a fine looking rebuilt car. The pair of pre-war Youngstown doors and riveted sides work well together for coolness.

Inline image

I read , perhaps in the caption, that these cars after rebuilding were used for Blue Bird bus company seats and also for general service.

I see from this picture grabbed from Ebay that at least two methods were used in splicing the ends for increased height. My model has the center section with 3 Murphy ribs, as shown on SSW 46029 to the left.

Anyhow, hearing from some gifted person on what brake equipment was used is appreciated in advance.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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