Re: Cotton Belt dbl door boxcar

Guy Wilber

Ed Hawkins wrote:

“The SSW diagram for 46000-46199 denotes the following info.

3. Roof raised & steel roof applied by SSW 1939

The cars were equipped with Evans Auto~Loaders, Type “E”, 8 tubes, coinciding with SSW raising the roofs. Murphy offered the extensions (as shown in photos). Those gussets along the car line are typical of the extensions.

“11. Nailable Steel Floor the width of the doorway”

Added to many auto cars equipped with loaders to alleviate wear on the floor where autos and light trucks were maneuvered into position with the use of floor jacks and dollies.

“The Murphy roof is interesting as the end sheets closest to the ends are depressed - what appears to be several inches lower than the 10 intermediate roof sheets.”

Obviously done to lower the latitudinal running boards for unrestricted clearance.

“This particular car was built 4-24. Stencils do not specify a rebuild date. It’s a fresh repainted car 5-20-54 at the Cotton Belt Pine Bluff car shops.”

Technically; for accounting purposes, sealing a door and removal of the loaders did not constitute a “Rebuild”. The earlier work surely would have been the governing date as “rebuilt” if the cars were also equipped with “AB” brakes and AAR approved appliances (at the time).

Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada

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