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Richard Townsend

The Shake 'n' Take group has done this a number of times. Check their archives.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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With my peculiar attachment to DD 40 foot auto/box cars, this would be an interesting project. I have just received the Yarmouth D&RGW 40 foot DD box car and it is now in the TBB queue. 

I found EFC #5 in my archives of RMC articles clipped from the magazine when I dumped many old MR and RMC's a few years back. It only covers the wood sided cars.  Another interesting project. There is an interesting insert in the article on modeling AB brakes that I need to review.

Are there any articles dealing with the upgrading to DD steel sided 40 foot cars and how to model them. A weird thought that the much maligned Tichy steel rebuilt box car body might be a start with the rebuilt underframe.  The ends look challenging.  I have one in the TBB queue waiting for Ted's P&LE decals to be reissued. I may issue diversion orders to change it to an SSW rebuild project.
Ken Adams
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