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There were some people that tried to purchase Sunshine but Trisha would not sell and as far as I know she still has everything. LK

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Just noticed that Eric posted on his FB page that a buyer has been found for Rio Grande Models, and the transfer to new owner has begun. This is good news for Steam Era Modelers as many of the kits make ideal flat car loads.  RGM, PSC, SSLtd, NWSL, Sergent, JL Innovative, the list goes on of small RR companies doing the right thing and preserving their products and Legacy.
Why the !$#$@$% couldn't Sunshine have done the same $!##@! thing????   
(Rant over, thank you for humoring me)
I know your comment is rhetorical, but Martin, unlike Al and Eric, wasn't given the gift of time. Tricia tried to carry on the business, and she contacted several of us about doing the casting, but as far as I know she wasn't looking to sell.With resin casting the only unique asset would be the patterns, and even those deteriorate. Frank Hodina's Resin Car Works line has included several models previously done by Sunshine (from Frank's patterns), but all those patterns had to be recreated or highly modified to bring them up to current standards. And "current standards" means one piece bodies, which Martin never did.

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